ROSES VIDEO FOR Charity Appeal - Please Keep Giving!

Earlier this year you may have seen our 'Roses' video on Facebook and other social media channels.

Hicktown Breakout feel passionate about helping the young homeless and have so far raised hundreds of pounds in support of this charity. 

Thank you to everyone who sent in your personal videos and messages .  Enjoy the video!


At risk and without support, many homeless young people are being denied the chance they so desperately want to get back into education or start a career. A room at Centrepoint can give a young person the safety, stability and support they need to start rebuilding their life.

By sponsoring a room for just 40p a day, you can be part of that amazing transformation.

As a Centrepoint room sponsor, you will help them... 

  • Provide a warm, safe room for a homeless young person, giving them the stability and security they need to overcome past trauma and begin a new life 

  • Support young people with counselling, health support and practical advice 

  • Give young people the skills they need to find a job, or support them into education 

Help young people move on independently, rebuilding their lives and relationships. Thank you from Hicktown Breakout!